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Jan 2021 – “State of the Dragons: The Ohio Odonata Survey – In 2017, a new state-wide Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) survey was undertaken to assess the diversity andstatus of these wetland insects. The survey was funded for three years with 2019 being the last year. An update will be given on the methods, tools, new state records and the results of the survey thus far.   – Linda Gilbert

Feb 2021 – “CAS Members Night” Presentation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee

Mar 2021 – “ Walbourn Eagles” – Bob Berroden

April 2021 – “Monty and Rose” – “Monty and Rose” tells the story of a pair of endangered Piping Plovers attempting to nest on a busy beach in Chicago. The short, independent documentary chronicles these special birds and an unpredictable series of events including a proposed music festival that propelled them to national headlines. Monty and Rose became the first piping plovers to nest within the city limits of Chicago since 1955. – Bob Doglan

May 2021 – “TBA” – Chuck Jakubachak

Upcoming Activities

Feb 2021 – Great Backyard Bird Count at Huston Brumbaugh Nature Center – space is limited due to COVID. Reservations are required.

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