Meetings/Programs on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake Park.

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All are welcome to all our events! They are free, educational and community-centered.

Join us for bird walks! They continue through the fall and occur just before each monthly meeting.


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  • September 16th 5:30pm – Pollinator Habitat at Atwood Dam – Grace Trimble – Just behind my office at Atwood Dam, there is a 7-acre plot of land that used to be mowed like a golf course. When I started my internship with USACE, my senior project for school was to turn that plot of land into a pollinator habitat. Fast forward two years and I am finally getting some momentum to accomplish my goals. My end goal is to have walking paths throughout the area where the public can take self-guided tours and learn about pollinators, their habitats, and why protection of these species is so important. I would also love to bring in school and community groups for environmental education programming. Out of the 7 acres, I want to create/enhance about 2 acres for bird habitat by adding chimney swift towers, bluebird boxes, and whatever else would be a good fit for the area. I am in the process of establishing partnerships with agencies like Canton Audubon Society to gain insight on how to make this habitat the best it can be for a variety of species and to provide educational opportunities to the community. Grace Trimble is a Natural Resource Specialist with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She is a park ranger at five different dams within the Muskingum Area of the Huntington District; Atwood, Beach City, Bolivar, Dover, and Leesville Dams. She has been with the Corps for a little over two years. She started as an intern in March 2018 while she was attending Kent State University getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, with an emphasis in Park Management and a minor in Nonprofit Studies. Upon graduation in December 2018, she was converted to a permanent, full-time employee. She has a passion for interpretation and environmental education. The meeting with be a virtual meeting using the Zoom application. Invitations will be send out on September 1st. If you do not receive an invitation but wish to attend, email cantonaudubonsociety@gmail.com.
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  • All programs are held at the Exploration Gateway (Stark Parks’ Facility at Sippo Lake) 5712 12th Street NW, Canton 44708.
Monthly bird walks are held just before the meetings March – October.
Everything we do is open to the public. Please join us!


  • September 1st – October 31st  – Fall Warbler ID birding challenge – Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society – We love to observe the Wood Warblers in the spring. Birds are in their flashy, breeding plumage and they tend to concentrate in areas. Forget spring (for now) and look forward to fall and the warblers that pass through at this time of year. “Ugh, those confusing fall warblers” … nope, not really. Many warblers, especially the males, have similar patterns to their spring plumage. Yes, females and young of the year can be a bit tougher and there are some species that appear quite different in the fall, but not many. This is when YOU become a better birder. Click here for more information
  • September 11th – September 14th – Dead Tree Birding Challenge – Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society – What? We don’t often think of dead or partly dead trees around a neighborhood or park, unless they are threatening to fall, but dead trees are important to birds and other wildlife … have you noticed? Tree trunks, limbs, branches and twigs are used by many birds as a lookout, to dry off after rain or heavy dew, as a place to sing and advertise themselves, as a place to watch for prey, and more. Whether you see a hummingbird or hawk, dead trees are great places to view birds … and another advantage … there are no leaves to get in the way! Click here for more information
  • Tuesday, September 15th 6:00pm – 6:30pm – Zoom Program – American Kestrels – Stark Parks – Fall is on its way and young American kestrels are on their own for the first time. Find out more about what these birds are doing this time of year and meet Kessie, the American Kestrel.  Click here to participate. Meeting ID: 88479257757.
  • Saturday, September 19th 8:00am – 11:00am – Shorebird Excursion – Huston Brumbaugh Nature Center – Every fall, thousands of shorebirds migrate through Ohio. The mud flats of nearby reservoirs are a great place to observe the birds. Several species may be seen including sandpipers, plovers, ducks, gulls and herons. We may be walking in muddy areas so please wear appropriate footwear. The location of the program will be determined a few days prior based on local conditions. *Register for notification and directions to the site. Click here for more information

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