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There are a couple ways you can support the Audubon Society.  You can join the National Audubon, you can join your local chapter, Canton Audubon Society or you can join both.  You decide.  Here is some information to help you decide what is best for you.

National Audubon Membership includes:
~~ Local Membership to the Canton Chapter (CAS only receives small portion of dues)
~~ National Audubon’s bi-monthly magazine Audubon
~~ Canton Audubon Society’s Newsletter Audubon News and Views
CAS only receives a portion of the dues on initial membership, not the renewals

Join National: Click here for website
Pay online, but as of now, our local chapter is not recognized for any credit as the website lacks the means of inputting local info.
** It’s very important when joining National, that you add our Canton Audubon Chapter code C0ZS690Z to your check and paperwork or your name will not be applied to our Local Chapter list and we will not receive any portion of the dues.

Canton Audubon Only Membership includes:
~~ 100% of your dues will go to support our local education and conservation activities
~~ CAS newsletter Audubon News and Views
**You will not receive the Audubon magazine as you will not be a National Audubon member.

CAS Chapter Supporter Membership

SONG SPARROW ….. $10/yr. (Student member)

CARDINAL ….. $20/yr. (Basic membership for individuals and families)

BLUEBIRD ….. $50/yr. (Business and supporting member)

SCREECH OWL ….. $75/yr. (Sustaining member)

BALD EAGLE ….. $300/yr. (Lifetime membership)

OTHER ….. Any other donated amount.

Make checks payable to: Canton Audubon Society
Mail checks to:
Canton Audubon Society
P.O. Box 9586
Canton, OH 44711-9586
Include your: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, and E-MAIL please.

All membership moneys in excess of $20 are placed into a permanent endowment to help support our chapter in its future operations.

A membership in CAS shows that you are committed to our mission and are willing to give generously to support our programs and activities. If you are already a member of the National Audubon Society, joining CAS will enhance your membership by giving you a chance to contribute to Audubon at the local level!

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